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Two women sit on the step of the Parker house in Hockanum having a conversation. The house has a porch on the left and a chimney on the right. There are three windows on the second floor, all open, and two windows on the frist floor. An awning…

A couple sitting on the porch of their house situated on the foothill of Mount Holyoke.

Flood surrounded barn in Hockanum and the flooded Connecticut River seen from a field. A house nearer the camera is just high enough not to be flooded. Normal banks of the Connecticut river are usually delineated by the two rows of trees just to the…

A farmer, identified as Eliot Johnson, on a mowing machine pulled by a couple horses across the road from a farmhouse, identified as belonging to Oscar Johnson. A couple large trees adorn the image on either side with Mount Holyoke in the background.

A view of a house in the middleground, partly obscured by a large tree on the right side and bushes in front of the house. A second, even larger tree stands behind the house. The scene is reflected in water in the foreground.

Mar 23, 1989, moving #109 Main St. to new site enar the rail road opposite Sweetser park. Police Chief D m Maia in black hat. Masonic Hall, Town Hall in background.

Terrace Home School on South Prospect.jpg
View of the school which came to be called the Terrace Home School on South Prospect Street. It was run for many years by Josephine Herrick and was a school for children with special needs. Instruction was given in instrumental and vocal music,…

View of a house beside a large elm tree and with adults and children posed outside. Written on back of photograph, "House on farm of C. G. Morehouse, Shays Street near Mill Valley. Left to right: Rev. Charles S. Walker, Alice Morehouse Walker,…

SK Orr Pencil Sketch.jpg
Pencil sketch of Lincoln Avenue and Northampton Road in 1860 drawn by Samuel K. Orr. View looking west.

Kellogg House.jpg
Kellogg House on the corner of North Pleasant Street and Kellogg Avenue, which is the site of the present Post Office. It was owned by William Kellogg who owned the Kellogg Block that burned in 1923. Written on back: "Sign on house says Dr. Barrett.…

The Fiske/Cutler house was located at the corner of North Pleasant Street and Cowles Lane. The house was razed for the construction of St. Brigid's Church.

This house on Mount Pleasant was constructed by William S. Clark about 1870 when he was President of Massachusetts Agricultural College. The Clark family owned the house until about 1889, after which it was used as a hotel called the Mount Pleasant…

View of the College Boarding House and Farmhouse at Massachusetts Agricultural College.

View of an unidentified street in Amherst with two large houses on the right in the foreground. One of the houses has a portico with large columns and the other has a long porch along the front of the house. Written on verso: "Pleasant St.?…

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Early view down Amity Street with white picket fences along the sidewalks and showing houses on both sides of the street.
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