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The Hockanum schoolhouse during a flood with water up to the floor level. Photograph was taken on Sunday, November 6, 1927. The description on the back of the photograph reads: "The water began to fall on Saturday night. Heavy rain Thursday. The rain…

A view of Connecticut river and Mount Holyoke from the Northampton side. A man stands by a boat on the ferry landing looking across.Some farm buildings and the tramway to the Summit House visible on the Hockanum shore.

Flood surrounded barn in Hockanum and the flooded Connecticut River seen from a field. A house nearer the camera is just high enough not to be flooded. Normal banks of the Connecticut river are usually delineated by the two rows of trees just to the…

Photograph taken from a dry higher ground behind the Roger Johnson house looking toward the farms surrounded by flood water in the Northampton meadows.

The Whipple House, which once housed the Jones Library. "Jan 1927" is written on the bottom right of the photo.

Photograph of the Dickinson Homestead.

Address by Amherst native, and United States Attorney General, Harlan Fiske Stone to the League of Republican Women in Washington, D.C. The topic of the talk is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Amherst House Block stood at the corner of South Pleasant and Amity Streets. The Amherst House Hotel was in operation on the upper levels and a number of businesses were located on the street level. Note the Jones Library signs on the second…

This is the area behind the commercial blocks on the north side of upper Main Street in Amherst where Bueno Y Sano is now located. The College Candy Kitchen was located in the Nash Block before the fire in February of 1928 destroyed the building. The…

Article about the history of the dwelling that was locally known as the "Doctors' House" on Amity Street in reference to the succession of doctors who had lived and practiced there over the years. A number of doctors are described, particularly Dr.…

Lengthy article describing Noah Webster's life in Amherst including a description of his property and house, what he grew in his garden, the process he used to write his famous dictionary, what Amherst and the Town Common looked like at the time, and…

News Clipping Changes in Center resized.jpg
Article from the Springfield Republican describing the houses that once stood around the Town Common and at other areas near the center of Amherst.

Still standing on the corner of Amity and North Prospect Streets, the Prospect House is hardly recognizable. At a later date, more stories were added and it was covered with stucco. It has also been known as Drake's Hotel, The Village Inn, and The…

Automobile parked outside the building which was an inn and post office for Massachusetts Agricultural College. It was later known as College Inn.

Members of the Amherst Boys Club working on a project on Cleanup Day. Boys are at work shoveling dirt near a parked a two-horse cart filled with dirt. Kellogg Avenue School is in the background.
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