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Article about the history of the dwelling that was locally known as the "Doctors' House" on Amity Street in reference to the succession of doctors who had lived and practiced there over the years. A number of doctors are described, particularly Dr.…

Birds-eye-view lithograph of Amherst. Perspective map not drawn to scale. Published by John B. Bachelder between 1855 and 1857.

Includes insets: Residence of Prof. Edward Hitchcock, Residence of L.S. Sweetser, esq.; Residence of Hon. Edward…

Long view across open land east to the Pelham Hills from the hill on which Stearns Chapel stood.

View south from Mount Pleasant with the gambrel-roofed Davenport Inn (renamed the Mount Pleasant Inn in 1936) and North Pleasant Street on the right. Looking down a gently rolling hill dotted with shrubs and small trees.

SK Orr Pencil Sketch.jpg
Pencil sketch of Lincoln Avenue and Northampton Road in 1860 drawn by Samuel K. Orr. View looking west.

Whipple House and Garage.jpg
Keily Brothers Ford Sales and Service is on the left and the Jones Library, when it was in operation in the Whipple House, is on the right. Next to the Jones Library is the delicatessen of Louis Pappas, and next to that is the house in which Pappas…

Amherst House fire.jpg
View of the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets after the fire of December 9, 1926. The ruins of the Amherst House are visible, as well as the east side of the Amherst Cinema building. The Jones Library was operating on the second floor of the…

Kellogg House.jpg
Kellogg House on the corner of North Pleasant Street and Kellogg Avenue, which is the site of the present Post Office. It was owned by William Kellogg who owned the Kellogg Block that burned in 1923. Written on back: "Sign on house says Dr. Barrett.…

N Pleasant Street aerial view.jpg
Aerial view of the west side of North Pleasant Street south to Amity Street. The building which was the Elm Tree Inn, and which housed the Amherst Tavern, was the first house at the center of the photograph. The top of the Amherst House is visible in…

The Fiske/Cutler house was located at the corner of North Pleasant Street and Cowles Lane. The house was razed for the construction of St. Brigid's Church.

Boltwood Walk aerial view.jpg
Aerial view of the east side of North Pleasant Street south to Main Street, including the area that is now Boltwood Walk. Shows the location of the old Amherst Boys' Club building and the old High School and Junior High School on Lessey Street as…

Market Livery Garage.jpg
The west side of North Pleasant Street, just north of Amity Street. Buildings (left to right) are: Variety Market; W. A. Wiley, Livery and Saddle Horses; the old Amherst Fire House; Kiely Brothers Ford sales and service; a private residence; and the…

Mt Pleasant Hill and Institute.jpg
Looking up Mount Pleasant Hill toward Mount Pleasant Institute. The hill is labeled "Nash Hill" on the photograph.

View west from Mt Pleasant.jpg
View toward the west from the top of Mount Pleasant, looking out over an orchard.

View of Prospect Street when it was a dirt lane and showing a couple of houses on one side of the street.
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