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View of the Lothrop house, later the Phi Delta Theta house, corner Boltwood and College Ave.

The small double-sided card advertises J. L. Lovell’s Amherst Picture Gallery, and offers $2.00 off photographic processes and prints. These cards would have encouraged residents of Amherst to have their photo taken by Lovell in his downtown…

Amherst Tax Records 1880.pdf
Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

Advertising card for the business of F. H. Howe, a grocer located in Merchants' Row in Amherst in the 1880s. The cartoon on the card shows a drunk monkey and illustrates Victorian humor.

Trade card distributed by H. B. Edwards & Co., an Amherstclothing store that operated in Merchants' Row from the 1880's to about 1915. The store specialized in ladies' fine underwear. The advertisement is for Warner Brothers Coraline Corsets,…

Article from a Springfield newspaper about the journey to retrieve the body of Walter Mason Dickinson after his death in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

Newspaper clipping of the obituary of Emily Dickinson written by Susan Dickinson and published in the Springfield Republican (May 18, 1886) and the Amherst Record (May 19, 1886).

Photograph of the class of Ella L. Roberts (standing in back) posed in front of the elementary school in Cushman.

Brochure with information about this Amherst school detailing policies and board and tuition terms.

View of a house beside a large elm tree and with adults and children posed outside. Written on back of photograph, "House on farm of C. G. Morehouse, Shays Street near Mill Valley. Left to right: Rev. Charles S. Walker, Alice Morehouse Walker,…

Walter Mason Dickinson.jpg
Hand-colored portrait of Walter Mason Dickinson in uniform. He was the only Amherst man to die in the Spanish-American War in Cuba. According to a Springfield newspaper article, his remains were brought back to the United States by Ellery F.…

Walter Mason Dickinson at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was the grandson of Marquis Fayette Dickinson and the only Amherst man to die in the Spanish-American War. He fell in the Battle of El Caney (Cuba) on July 1, 1898, which was a precursor to the Battle…

Interior Jackson and Cutler.jpg
Interior of the shop belonging to Jackson & Cutler which was in Merchants' Row on South Pleasant Street in Amherst. On the back of the photograph is the statement that this shop is now the back room of A. J. Hasting's.

Farmhouse and barns on Massachusetts Agricultural College campus.

Farmhouse and barns on the Massachusetts Agricultural College campus.
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