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Photograph of the South Amherst Fourth of July parade with a girl riding a horse holding a American flag and wearing an eagle as a hat. Other costumed children are in the background

Munson Memorial Library is seen here through the north window of the Amherst South Congregational Church.

Photograph of John Stanley walking beside his daughters, Tammy and Susan, who are riding ponies. They are on Potwine Street in South Amherst. A dog can be seen standing in the background.

View of the small brick school house in South Amherst, which later became the East Street Alternative High School, part of the Amherst Regional School system.

Entrance to the Munson Memorial Library building shaded by a large maple tree.

Bench and scenic view on Mount Pollux.

Edward Hitchcock described Mount Pollux, and its twin, Mount Castor, as a "small, rounded eminence, which is cleared and opens from its top one of the most lovely panoramas which nature has formed. All around…

Looking up at the two trees at the top of Mount Pollux.

Benches and the shade of a large tree on top of Mount Pollux.

View of a house beside a large elm tree and with adults and children posed outside. Written on back of photograph, "House on farm of C. G. Morehouse, Shays Street near Mill Valley. Left to right: Rev. Charles S. Walker, Alice Morehouse Walker,…

Aerial view of the Mill Lane looking north toward Amherst College and showing fields, livestock, gardens, houses, barns, etc. The Gaylord/Simeon Clark house (later the Lyman Thompson house) is in the foreground; and the Grist Mill is on the left.…

This one of the oldest houses on Bay Road in Amherst and was originally brick on the exterior.

Agricultural produce exhibited by the South Amherst Grange. Produce includes potatoes, corn, eggs, squash, and carrots.

This brick building, located at the intersection of Shays and Middle Streets, and Pomeroy Lane, was once the South Amherst post office.

View of a trolley car running through the pass at the Notch in South Amherst.

View ofa hay wagon stopped at the South Amherst Town Common. In her Reminiscences of South Amherst Clara Dwight describes this image as "Hay wagon at watering trough, preparatory to driving on to the Fairbanks scales to be weighed."
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