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Jones Family Collection

First Parish-Tax for 1861.jpg

The Jones Family Collection contains documents, photographs, and artifacts related to the family of Samuel Minot Jones, benefactor of the Jones…

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Jones Library Collection

Jane McPhetres Johnson.jpg

Established in 1919, The Jones Library is the public library for the Town of Amherst, Massachusetts. The Jones Library Collection contains photographs…

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Robert Francis Collection

Robert Francis on admiration for Frost.mp4

Robert Churchill Francis (1901-1987) moved to Amherst, Massachusetts in 1926 to teach high school English. The teaching job lasted a single year;…

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Clifton Johnson Collection


Clifton Johnson (1865-1940) of Hadley, Massachusetts was an accomplished literary figure with some 125 published books and countless magazine and…

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Amherst Record Photograph Collection


Photographs of local people and events taken for use in the Amherst Record newspaper. About 14,000 prints covering the late 1960's to early 1984.

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Amherst Tax Records Collection

Amherst Tax Records 1860.pdf

The Amherst Tax Records Collection is made up of a selection of digitized versions of the property tax records for Amherst, Mass. residents (and…

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John and Anthony Martin Photograph Collection


John Martin moved to Amherst in 1967 and began teaching at the University of Massachusetts. He is an environmental designer, professionally registered…

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Joel Martin Halpern Photograph Collection


Joel Martin Halpern (1929- ) has lived in Amherst since 1967 when he became a professor in the Anthropology Department at the University of…

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Lincoln Barnes Photograph Collection

barnes_bar048006_1928_memorial day 1928.jpg

Lincoln W. Barnes (1879-1966), born in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, was a professional photographer with a studio on Main Street in Amherst from 1920…

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Edgar Scott Postcard Collection


Edgar Scott (1857-1940) was a photographer and printer in the Amherst and Northampton areas. He was born on Martha’s Vineyard and, as an Amherst…

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John L. Lovell Collection


John L. Lovell (1825-1903) was a professional photographer. He came to Amherst in 1856 and established the Amherst Picture Gallery, the first…

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