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Hockanum schoolhouse and outhouse/storage building with the teacher and her pupils scattered around in front and under a large tree on the left. Ivy creeps up one side of the school. View from the road in front of the school.

A one room brick schoolhouse in Hockanum and a small woodshed near it. One large, bare tree stands in front of the school and others are off to the right.

A teacher stands outside the Hockanum schoolhouse looking at her pupils tossing snowballs between the schoolhouse and a storage building. Four boys make and toss snowballs while one girl runs towards the schoolhouse and a second girl stands watching.

Two boys stand by a wood stove in the Hockanum schoolhouse as a third boy kneels in front of it putting wood inside. The boy on the left is Luther Barstow. A chair stands against the wall on the right near a window.

A boy stands in the Hockanum schoolhouse with his arm stretched out to the side holding a book as punishment. Two other boys, Charles Thayer and Oscar Johnson sit reading in their seats. Two windows let light in, a clock and a couple illustrations…

A tall boy, dressed in a long white beard and animal skin coat stands in between two shorter boys in front of the blackboard. A pile of clothes and two sacks are scattered on the floor around them.

A boy walks down the road towards the camera carrying books tied by a string in his left hand.

A group of students stand on and around the steps to the Hockanum schoolhouse. Many are holding books and most are looking to the right, presumably at the arriving teacher. A girl to the left of the door is identified as a Wright girl, two boys in…

A boy kneeling before a dresser, rummaging in the bottom drawer. A pile of clothes is scattered on the floor next to him as a second boy looks on with his hands in his pocket.

Santa Claus, dressed in a white beard, a hat and an animal skin coat captured by two boys, one leaning over him, the other crouching in front. A dresser and a chair stand behind them, in front of the blackboard, with a pile of clothes on the floor to…

A group of children stands in front of the blackboard in the Hockanum schoolhouse dressed in costumes including a long white beard, top hat, and sideburns. Boy in the front left is Charles Thayer and the small girl to the left is Edith Barstow.

A young boy stands next to the entrance of the Hockanum schoolhouse, facing away from the camera, sharpening his pencil against the bricks on the right side of the door.

A young girl, possibly Edith Barstow or Hettie Johnson, standing in front of the blackboard in the Hockanum schoolhouse reading her composition to the class.

A group of children, most sitting, one standing, enjoy dinner in the Hockanum school, some holding their dinner pails in their laps.

Three boys sit at their benches writing in the Hockanum schoolhouse.
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