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Portrait of John L. Lovell taken at his Amherst Picture Gallery.

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Eight-page newspaper published once by J. L. Lovell, Amherst resident and photographer. The newspaper includes miscellaneous advertisements alongside stories and articles about the new photographic technologies being practiced in Amherst.


Clipping from the Hampshire and Franklin Express describing the Civil War deaths of men from Amherst including a mention of Frazar Stearns, the son of the President of Amherst College.

Poem written in honor of Frazar Stearns after his death at the battle of Newbern. The poem was published on the first page of the Hampshire and Franklin Express, the local newspaper.

Portrait of Frazar Stearns shortly before he was killed in the battle of Newbern. The photograph was for his parents (Amherst College President William A. Stearns and Rebecca Alden Frazar Stearns) as the signature underneath reads, "Your affec. son,…

Amherst Tax Records 1860.pdf
Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

Amherst Tax Records 1865.pdf
Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

"A sermon preached in the Village Church, before the College and the united Congregations of the town of Amherst, Mass., on the National Fast Day, Thursday, September 26, 1861."

Sermon preached by Rev. William A. Stearns, president of Amherst…

This sermon was preached at the beginning of the Civil War by Charles Wadsworth, a minister proclaimed by Emily Dickinson to be "My Shepherd from 'Little Girl'hood'." Dickinson had heard him preach at the Arch Street Presbyterian Church in…

SK Orr Pencil Sketch.jpg
Pencil sketch of Lincoln Avenue and Northampton Road in 1860 drawn by Samuel K. Orr. View looking west.

Photography equipment.jpg
Camera and equipment used in the photography business of John L. Lovell.

Phoenix Row 1867.jpg
East end of Phoenix Row on Main Street in Amherst showing the building which housed the studio of John L. Lovell on the right. There is a horse and wagon in the street and a clock outside one of the shops.

Papermill in No Amherst.jpg
Paper mill on the Mill River in North Amherst.

First Congregational Church Construction.jpg
Construction of the First Congregational Church on Main Street in the winter of 1867. This building was the fourth meetinghouse constructed by the congregation. Edward Dickinson (Emily's father) gave a speech at its dedication.

This Amherst High School building was located on Spring Street in Amherst from 1867 to 1916.
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