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Photograph and newspaper article detailing the history of the old Kellogg house on North East Street, the house that became the first long term post office in Amherst. The story includes interesting tidbits including a description of the murals that…

Automobile parked outside the building which was an inn and post office for Massachusetts Agricultural College. It was later known as College Inn.

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Kellogg House on the corner of North Pleasant Street and Kellogg Avenue, which is the site of the present Post Office. It was owned by William Kellogg who owned the Kellogg Block that burned in 1923. Written on back: "Sign on house says Dr. Barrett.…

View from the north end of Merchant's Row. The house-like building on the right was the old post office building owned by Dwight Kellogg. In June of 1865 Kellogg tried to remodel and raise the building but it collapsed. He then built the brick…

This brick building, located at the intersection of Shays and Middle Streets, and Pomeroy Lane, was once the South Amherst post office.

View of Phoenix Row seen from the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets. Cook's Block, the brick building on the left, was built about 1840. The upper floors were partially rebuilt after a fire in 1881. Other business blocks (from left to right)…

View of the east end of Phoenix Row on Main Street. The new Lincoln Block is in the foreground.

The Amherst Journal of 6/16/1950 states, "Built by the Allen Brothers of Amherst in 1909 and 1910, the structure was designed by James H. Ritchie of…
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