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Two women sit on the step of the Parker house in Hockanum having a conversation. The house has a porch on the left and a chimney on the right. There are three windows on the second floor, all open, and two windows on the frist floor. An awning…

A couple sitting on the porch of their house situated on the foothill of Mount Holyoke.

A tree trunk in the center foreground dominates the image. Connecticut river and Mount Holyoke with its covered tramway to the summit house in the background. A man man stands by a boat, pulled up to the shore, at the ferry boat landing.

A series of barns in Hockanum behind a small rise in the ground. A large tree stands behind the buildings with Mount Holyoke in the background.

A house and attached barns seen across a field. Mount Holyoke visible in the background. (February 2022 - Believed to be the Drozdal Farm at 133 Hockanum Road.)

A ferry carries a horse-drawn carriage across the Connecticut river. Two women and a girl sit on the carriage, one holding a parasol. Two gentlemen, one in the front, one in the back guide the ferry as a third gentleman stands looking across to the…

Three farm workers planting in a field at the foot of Mt. Holyoke. A barn is behind them on the hillside.

Two men stand by the roadside in front of a building halfway between house, barn for horses, wagons, and steam engines, and station at lower end of covered track to Summit House.

View of a ferry crossing the Connecticut River from Northampton to Hockanum in Hadley with Mount Holyoke in the background.
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