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Photograph of two women looking at vegetables at the Amherst Common Market (now known as the Farmers' Market) in Amherst, Massachusetts

This is the area behind the commercial blocks on the north side of upper Main Street in Amherst where Bueno Y Sano is now located. The College Candy Kitchen was located in the Nash Block before the fire in February of 1928 destroyed the building. The…

Article about the history of the dwelling that was locally known as the "Doctors' House" on Amity Street in reference to the succession of doctors who had lived and practiced there over the years. A number of doctors are described, particularly Dr.…

Lengthy article describing Noah Webster's life in Amherst including a description of his property and house, what he grew in his garden, the process he used to write his famous dictionary, what Amherst and the Town Common looked like at the time, and…

News Clipping Changes in Center resized.jpg
Article from the Springfield Republican describing the houses that once stood around the Town Common and at other areas near the center of Amherst.

View of the small flower shop run by William Roberts and Cora Farmer located just north of Cowles Lane. This house was incorporated into the business block that exists now and became Knowles Flower Shop.

Flamingo decorations outside the building which housed Faces of Earth for about 20 years. The building is behind the Mobil station on North Pleasant Street and had previously housed a candlepin bowling alley. Faces had removed from the site by…

Tent on the Town Common where the Amherst League of Women Voters held their annual book sale in 1984.

Wooden sculpture outside the entrance to the Fauve Gallery, an art gallery which operated on the second floor at 18 Main Street for five years beginning in 1985.

Jumble of posters and various hand made advertisements taped to a wall in the center of Amherst.

Colorful view of the Central Fire Station in downtown Amherst with fire engines and ambulances parked outside. CVS is on the right.

Looking north on North Pleasant Street with a view of CVS, Roberts Block and St. Brigid's Catholic Church.

Plumbley's Restaurant, illuminated at night, from across and down Main Street.

View up Main Street toward Town Hall and the central business district at night.

Jones Library Whipple House.jpg
Photograph taken from in front of the Whipple House on North Pleasant Street. The Jones Library operations moved into this house two days after the disastrous fire that destroyed the Amherst House in December of 1926. The elliptical window (barely…
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