September 2015

Charles R. Green with a stone for Jones Library

Charles R. Green carrying stone for the Jones, 1928

This is Charles R. Green, first director of the Jones Library, holding a stone for the exterior of the library. Green, the architect, the contractor, and Trustee George Cutler drove about in an old car looking for just the right stones. They wanted stones of the right size with color and sparkle. They’d stop at stone walls and carefully break stones to see inside. Eventually, they found what they were looking for in certain stone walls in Pelham. This careful search resulted in the well-loved look of the outside of the Jones.

Ron'na J'Q Lytle as the Cat in the Hat

Jones Library children’s program

This is Ron'na J'Q Lytle as the Cat in the Hat during a children’s program called Seussology, circa 2010.

Woman using card catalog

Card catalog at the Jones Library, circa 1980

Remember card catalogs? And vinyl records?

John Musante and Bonnie Isman

Bonnie Isman and John Musante, 2010

This is John Musante with Bonnie Isman at Bonnie's retirement party at The Jones Library.