December 2015

Jones Library girls

Jones Library Girls, circa 1928

Three young women sit in comradery with the remains of a picnic in front of them. They are Annise B. Kane, Frances Powers, Dorothy M. Fish.  All three women were employed by the Jones Library during its first year open, Kane as cataloguer, Fish as assistant, Powers as secretary.

(Originally posted December 3, 2015)

Unicef stand at the Jones Library

Unicef Card Stand at Jones Library, 1973

Unicef sold holiday cards at the Jones Library for many years. In the early years, the table was staffed by wives of foreign students.

(Originally posted December 10, 2015)

Kid and Christmas tree in the kids room at the Jones Library

Kid and Christmas Tree in the Kids Room, 1977

The Kids Room had a decorated Christmas tree around Christmas time for many years. The last year a tree was displayed was 1989.

(Originally posted December 17, 2015)

Mittens and gloves at Jones Library

Lost  and Found in the Kids Room, 1974

This clothesline displays one whole winter’s worth of lost mittens in the Kids Room at the Jones Library in 1974. Perhaps this young patron is pointing to one of his lost gloves!

(Originally posted December 24, 2015)

Inventory at Jones Library

Inventory at Jones Library, January 1977

This is the first book-by-book inventory done by the Library since the fire at the Amherst House in 1926. It took a week to complete by 60-odd staff and volunteers. The women on the left are Lucy Gallagher, Claire Sussman, and Windy Sayer.

(Originally posted December 31, 2015)