May 2016

Tally board from the Jones Library inventory, January 1977

1977 Inventory

In January 1977 the jones Library completed the first book-by-book inventory since the 1926 fire at the Amherst House. It took a week to complete by 60 plus staff and volunteers. This board shows their progress as of Thursday afternoon.

(Originally posted May 5, 2016)

Story Hour in the Amherst House

Story Hour at the Amherst House

While the Jones Library was housed at the Amherst House these children enjoyed story hour.

(Originally posted May 12, 2016)

Card Catalog Fundraiser at the Jones Library

Card Catalog Fundraiser

In 2002 the Jones Library completely transferred from the card catalog to a digital system. Cards from the card catalog were signed by authors and illustrators and then sold to raise money for the library. Here patrons are picking out what cards to purchase.

(Originally posted May 19, 2016)

Flower show in Jones Library auditorium

Flower show in Auditorium

The whole auditorium at the Jones Library was filled with flowers during this flower show held in 1935.

(Originally posted May 26, 2016)