July 2015

Mrs. Barber in the John W. Burgess Room at The Jones Library

The John W. Burgess Room with librarian Olive Barber, May 1969

You won’t find this room in The Jones Library anymore. The room that houses the Adult Fiction collection used to have a second floor that housed the Library’s arts collections (both books and prints). Named the Burgess Room in honor of political scientist John W. Burgess, this room did not survive the 1993 renovation.

(Originally posted on July 2, 2015)

Rear of the Jones Library

Before the Kinsey Memorial Garden, 1994

The area behind the Library looked quite different before the installation of the David Chapin Kinsey Memorial Garden in 1999. This photograph shows the space as it was in 1994, shortly after the completion of the renovation that added this back entrance into the Woodbury Room.

(Originally posted on July 9, 2015)

Music Series at the Jones Library, 1989

Music Series, 1989

The Jones Library has had the privilege of hosting many different music series over the years. As part of a music series in 1989, these dancers performed in (what was then) the Burnett Art Gallery. Today that space is used by our Technical Services department.

(Originally posted on July 16, 2015)

Jones Library with stagecoach in front

The Jones Library’s stagecoach

Did you know that The Jones Library was once home to a stagecoach? Originally acquired and preserved by Loomis Merrick of South Amherst, it was first housed in the barn of the Amherst Historical Society before finding its way into the northeast corner of the Library’s basement, which had a door especially designed by Allen Cox, the original architect, to give entrance and egress to the coach. Alas, the stagecoach no longer resides at The Jones.

(Originally posted on July 23, 2015)

Jones Library Burnett Gallery, Summer 1969

Burnett Art Gallery, Summer 1969

Taken in the summer of 1969, this photograph shows custodian Kenneth Ives (left) and cataloger Ena Cane in what was then the Burnett Art Gallery.

(Originally posted on July 30, 2015)