December 2014

Jones Library Former Amherst Room

The (former) Amherst Room

The Amherst Room (now housing Technical Services) looking pristine and elegant. This room once housed the library’s local authors collection, the Amherst imprint collection, and miscellaneous local history materials.

(Originally posted December 4, 2014)

Jones Library under construction in December 1927

Construction of the Jones Library, December 3, 1927

This photograph was taken from in front of the Amity Street School (now the parking lot across from the Jones Library). The French-Canadian foreman, Mr. Dolan, is standing in front of the Boltwood Room (now the front office). Concrete for the third floor was poured December 2nd and 3rd, and steel pillars were erected starting on December 5th. The bride and groom trees stand side-by-side in front of the Strong House.

(Originally posted on December 11, 2014)

Jones Library in Amherst House Hotel

Jones Library in Amherst House Hotel (before 1926)

The Jones Library had its first home on the second floor of this old hotel on the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets (where the Bank of America is now located). Note the Jones Library sign on the building and the shady characters loitering under the balcony. This hotel burned down on December 9, 1926, creating the impetus to build a new, fireproof building for the library.

(Originally posted on December 13, 2014)

Jones Library Adult Reading Room

Adult reading room, 1968

This area is still the adult fiction reading room. The ceiling was removed during the renovation in the early 1990s and the old stage (back of the room filled with bookshelves) was also removed at that time. The bookcase facing forward stands approximately underneath where the Emily Dickinson mural (by John Grillo) is currently located.

(Originally posted on December 18, 2014)

Jones Library in the 1930s with cars parked outside

Jones Library in 1932

This is the Jones Library approximately 4 years after construction was completed. Note the lack of shrubbery around the building, and the free parking available.

(Originally posted on December 25, 2014)