February 2016

Winter sleigh ride in Amherst

Winter sleigh ride in Amherst

This is Amherst native Mason A. Dickinson enjoying the winter on his horse-drawn sleigh. It would’ve been handy to have one of these last winter!

(Originally posted February 4, 2016)

Food and Feasts program at Jones Library

Charlotte Turgeon Program at Jones Library

In February of 1995 the Jones hosted a program series called Food and Feasts. In this program on February 7th, French cooking expert Charlotte Turgeon demonstrates cooking with chocolate – and there were samples!

(Originally posted February 11, 2016)

Internet station at Jones Library

Internet Station in Jones Library Reference Department, circa 1997

By 1997, the Jones Library had 11 computers to access the library’s online catalog, and 6 computers for cd-rom use. There was only one computer dedicated to internet access and it utilized a dial-up connection!

(Originally posted February 18, 2016)

Early morning restaurant fire in Amherst

Early morning restaurant fire in Amherst, December 1969

Firefighters aim a powerful jet of water at this burning restaurant across from the Town Common. More than 40 Amherst and UMass firefighters fought the blaze for hours in near zero weather before it was brought under control.

(Originally posted February 25, 2016)