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View of the three bridges crossing the Connecticut River from Hadley to Northampton at the turn of the century. They were the trolley bridge, the old highway bridge, and the Boston and Maine Railroad bridge which is now part of the Norwottuck Rail…

View of flooded fields and an old covered bridge.

View of a dilapidated farmhouse in Hadley. Written on verso: "Alphonso? Dickinson house, lower end of Middle Street, Hadley."

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A horse-drawn carriage faces away from the camera approaching the covered Fort River bridge seen in the middleground. A little fence leads up to it, some bare trees are scattered around, a line of telegraph poles line the right side of the photograph…

Roger Johnson house in Hockanum is in the middle ground. A cornfield takes up the whole foreground, some trees on the edges of the photograph, the Holyoke Mayor Parker's house visible in the distance with Mount Holyoke in the background.

The ferry pier sticking out into the Connecticut river with two row boats tied up to a tree by the shore.

Remains of a pier on the Northampton side of the Connecticut river, with a row boat pulled up on the shore. Farms visible across the river at the foot of Mount Holyoke in the background.

Photograph taken from a dry higher ground behind the Roger Johnson house looking toward the farms surrounded by flood water in the Northampton meadows.

Two well dressed Civil War Veterans, each holding a bouquet, looking down at a gravestone with flag mounted in front of it and flowers around the base of the flag. Well kept picket fence at the rear of the graveyard. Connecticut river and Mount Tom…

Two men stand by the roadside in front of a building halfway between house, barn for horses, wagons, and steam engines, and station at lower end of covered track to Summit House.

A view of a house in the middleground, partly obscured by a large tree on the right side and bushes in front of the house. A second, even larger tree stands behind the house. The scene is reflected in water in the foreground.

View down the length of the covered bridge. A man, possibly Richard Johnson, stands, leaning an arm against one corner looking over at the stream below. A sign over the bridge is a warning about a six ton weight limit and anyone crossing the bridge…

A farmer, identified as Eliot Johnson, on a mowing machine pulled by a couple horses across the road from a farmhouse, identified as belonging to Oscar Johnson. A couple large trees adorn the image on either side with Mount Holyoke in the background.

Three farm workers planting in a field at the foot of Mt. Holyoke. A barn is behind them on the hillside.

A ferry carries a horse-drawn carriage across the Connecticut river. Two women and a girl sit on the carriage, one holding a parasol. Two gentlemen, one in the front, one in the back guide the ferry as a third gentleman stands looking across to the…
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