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Two girls, one standing on a step stool, hang up a banner in the Hockanum schoolhouse with Washington's name. American flags hang above, just out of shot. A third girl sits on a desk, watching. Numerous photographs and illustrations line the wall…

A boy stands on a chair drawing holly across the top of the blackboard with chalk in his right hand and an eraser in his left hand.

Two well dressed Civil War Veterans, each holding a bouquet, looking down at a gravestone with flag mounted in front of it and flowers around the base of the flag. Well kept picket fence at the rear of the graveyard. Connecticut river and Mount Tom…

Valentine's Day card sent by Hazel Goodale Bullock when she was a young girl (1910-1914). The card has the words "To my valentine" at the top and has a picture of a red heart with a young girl holding a gift and cards. At the bottom it reads "if I…

Almanac "containing matters of local interest, local business announcements...also some pages of miscellaneous reading." Includes a chronology of notable events (both local and national) for 1876, Amherst marriages and deaths for the year, statistics…

1-1 CarpenterLetter.pdf
Letter from Amherst Academy student, N. Carpenter, to her friend Susan in Dudley, Mass., describing the curriculum, the number of students, Fourth of July and other recreation activities.

Civil War veterans standing at attention on the east side of the Town Common. This is probably a Memorial Day event which followed a similar program for many years: speeches in the schools, speeches at various locations in area towns where the local…

Procession of Civil War veterans marching north on South Pleasant Street. They are preceded by a band and marshall and followed by a group of women or children and a group of carriages pulled by horses. This is probably a Memorial Day event which…

View of a group of men on horses in front of the flagpole on the Town Common which was dedicated on July 4, 1899. Names written on verso: Leonard M. Hills, Dr. Perry, Dr. Gates, Charles Edward, George Thayer, Fred Hawley, Julius Trott, Dr. E.M.…

Crowd standing on the Town Common during the dedication of the new flagpole on July 4, 1899. Carriages pulled by horses are visible in the foreground.

A letter from Amherst College student Abel Packard, to sister Lucy, about Fourth of July activities around Amherst, and other details about life as a student at the college.

View of Thomas W. Smith sitting in a cart holding the reins attached to a horse. Written on back: "Thomas W. Smith as he appeared in the Horribles Section of the parade at the Flag Pole dedication. Picture taken at rear of 31 North Prospect Street.…
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