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Two well dressed Civil War Veterans, each holding a bouquet, looking down at a gravestone with flag mounted in front of it and flowers around the base of the flag. Well kept picket fence at the rear of the graveyard. Connecticut river and Mount Tom…

Clipping from the Hampshire and Franklin Express describing the Civil War deaths of men from Amherst including a mention of Frazar Stearns, the son of the President of Amherst College.

Poem written in honor of Frazar Stearns after his death at the battle of Newbern. The poem was published on the first page of the Hampshire and Franklin Express, the local newspaper.

"A sermon preached in the Village Church, before the College and the united Congregations of the town of Amherst, Mass., on the National Fast Day, Thursday, September 26, 1861."

Sermon preached by Rev. William A. Stearns, president of Amherst…

This sermon was preached at the beginning of the Civil War by Charles Wadsworth, a minister proclaimed by Emily Dickinson to be "My Shepherd from 'Little Girl'hood'." Dickinson had heard him preach at the Arch Street Presbyterian Church in…

Civil War veterans standing at attention on the east side of the Town Common. This is probably a Memorial Day event which followed a similar program for many years: speeches in the schools, speeches at various locations in area towns where the local…

Procession of Civil War veterans marching north on South Pleasant Street. They are preceded by a band and marshall and followed by a group of women or children and a group of carriages pulled by horses. This is probably a Memorial Day event which…
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