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A road leading up to the Johnson place in Hockanum. A barn stands in the field on the left, separated from the road by a fence. A woodpile stands by the road. A house and farm buildings visible in the middle ground with the Connecticut river partly…

img515 R.jpg
Newspaper article glued to a scrapbook page. The article describes the history of the relationship of Sir Chentung Liang Cheng to the town and the people of Amherst. Cheng came to the United States about 1875 (at the age of 12) as part of the Chinese…

img437 R.jpg
Photograph and newspaper article detailing the history of the old Kellogg house on North East Street, the house that became the first long term post office in Amherst. The story includes interesting tidbits including a description of the murals that…

Amherst Tax Records 1900.pdf
Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

Trade card distributed by the Amherst pharmacy W. H. H. Morgan around the turn of the century. The illustration is an image of a group of young women being instructed in home economics. On the back is printed the price, the list of colors, and other…

Looking north toward Montague Road with North Congregational Church in the foreground.

This structure was built on the site where Noah Webster's house was located during the time he spent in Amherst writing his dictionary (1812-1822). It was built as the Hygeian Hotel. This statement was printed in the Springfield Republican edition of…

Layingtrolleytracks (2).jpg
Upper Main Street is torn up as men lay track for the Amherst and Sunderland Street Railroad. Business blocks in Phoenix Row are visible on the right, and the Amherst House is visible in the background.

View looking toward the Old Chapel and the area where the Fine Arts Center is currently located.

Purchased by Amherst College in 1892, the Boltwood House was remodeled as a student dining hall and renamed Hitchcock Hall. It was razed in 1916 for the construction of Converse Memorial Library, now Converse Hall.

Turn of the century view of the center of Amherst looking west toward the Amherst House from the north end of the Town Common.

Advertisement Jackson and Cutler.jpg
Advertisement for the firm of Jackson & Cutler which succeeded the firm of George Cutler & Co. in 1884. The store sold clothing and related articles. The women drawn in the ad have a feminine, wasp-waisted, Gibson Girl look.

View west from Mt Pleasant.jpg
View toward the west from the top of Mount Pleasant, looking out over an orchard.

View of a Knox truck belonging to Egbert E. Perry loaded with trunks. The Knox truck was built in Springfield and was a gas-powered, two-cylinder vehicle. Egbert E. Perry was in the trucking business from 1899 to 1928. There are men and boys standing…

View looking east down Main Street from the Amherst House. Phoenix Row is in the left and Town Hall is on the right. The clock is not installed in the Town Hall tower.
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