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Robert Francis on humor in poetry.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis responds to the question, "How important is humor to your poems?" and talks about how poetry and humor are closely related as both surprise you with unexpected combinations.

Advertising card for the business of F. H. Howe, a grocer located in Merchants' Row in Amherst in the 1880s. The cartoon on the card shows a drunk monkey and illustrates Victorian humor.

Trade card distributed by H. B. Edwards & Co., an Amherstclothing store that operated in Merchants' Row from the 1880's to about 1915. The store specialized in ladies' fine underwear. The advertisement is for Warner Brothers Coraline Corsets,…

Almanac "containing matters of local interest, local business announcements...also some pages of miscellaneous reading." Includes a chronology of notable events (both local and national) for 1876, Amherst marriages and deaths for the year, statistics…

Trade card advertising the Amherst business of F. H. Howes, a grocer located in Merchants' Row in the 1880s. The cartoon on the card illustrates Victorian humor.
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