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View of a mill, dam, and pond at Puffers Pond in North Amherst. Written on verso: "Paper mill No. Amherst. "

View of a dam showing the spillway, possibly the dam at Factory Hollow Pond (now Puffers Pond).

Area view of Montague Road in North Amherst. The building on the right is a sawmill once located on Eastman pond. It was first owned by Ansel Marshall, and later by Levi Dickinson. The first house on the left was the property of the Eastman family;…

View of a house with people, horses, and oxen in the yard. According to a copy of a hand-written note accompanying this photograph, this house was owned by Charles R. Dickinson who later sold it to Enoch Clark. The Ferry family acquired it in 1929.…

View of Arthur E. Hobart's farmhouse and barns. The brochure states: "The Amherst House is supplied with milk from A. E. Hobart's farm, situated on North Pleasant Street about two miles on main road from Amherst House. Farm comprises 60 acres with 30…

View of the center of North Amherst village on North Pleasant Street, which is unpaved.

View of houses on State Street in the Cushman area of North Amherst.

View of the back of Pine Street showing homes along the street. Taken from the third floor balcony of the Home For Aged Women on North Pleasant Street where the photographer, Edgar Scott, lived in his later years.

Depicted from left:
1. Home of…

View of the house used as a long-term care residence for elderly women on North Pleasant Street in North Amherst. Written on back: "later moved."

View looking south toward the center of North Amherst. North Congregational Church is in the background and children and adults are walking along the road. Trolley tracks are visible in the foreground.

View of a young boy fishing at Mill Pond in Cushman. The pond was at the corner of State Street and East Leverett Road and was the water source for the mills downstream, including the Roberts mill.

View of a section of the Beers' 1873 Hampshire County atlas showing North Amherst, including the Cushman area. Includes residences and landownership, businesses, cemeteries, schools, and railroads.
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