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Photograph of the class of Ella L. Roberts (standing in back) posed in front of the elementary school in Cushman.

View of the railroad crossing in Cushman with the Cushman Market in the background.

Front view of the colorful Cushman Market and Cafe in North Amherst.

Papermill in No Amherst.jpg
Paper mill on the Mill River in North Amherst.

View of mills in the Cushman section of North Amherst. Written on verso: "The "Forge", later the "Bunghole"; used to forge "frogs" for railroad construction; on south bank of Mill River shortly west of bridge. "

View of a waterfall at Puffers Pond in North Amherst. Written on verso: "The Golden Gate Falls, No. Amherst."

View of a mill, dam, and pond at Puffers Pond in North Amherst. Written on verso: "Paper mill No. Amherst. "

View of a dam showing the spillway, possibly the dam at Factory Hollow Pond (now Puffers Pond).

View of houses on State Street in the Cushman area of North Amherst.

View of a young boy fishing at Mill Pond in Cushman. The pond was at the corner of State Street and East Leverett Road and was the water source for the mills downstream, including the Roberts mill.
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