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Meadow being prepared for planting using oxen-drawn cultivator.

Civil War veterans standing at attention on the east side of the Town Common. This is probably a Memorial Day event which followed a similar program for many years: speeches in the schools, speeches at various locations in area towns where the local…

Procession of Civil War veterans marching north on South Pleasant Street. They are preceded by a band and marshall and followed by a group of women or children and a group of carriages pulled by horses. This is probably a Memorial Day event which…

View of the horse and cart that was used to deliver goods for the Grange Store in the early 1900s.

Display of flying vehicles over Pratt Field during a baseball game, which includes zeppelins, hot air balloons, and early airplanes. The caption on the photograph reads, "High times on Pratt Field. Cheer for old Amherst."

View of the center of North Amherst village on North Pleasant Street, which is unpaved.

View of the back of Pine Street showing homes along the street. Taken from the third floor balcony of the Home For Aged Women on North Pleasant Street where the photographer, Edgar Scott, lived in his later years.

Depicted from left:
1. Home of…

This large hotel once stood on the corner of South Pleasant and Amity Streets and is shown here with both horse carts and automobiles parked in front.

View showing Cook Fountain with water flowing. The surrounding walkways need sweeping.


View of the Unitarian Universalist Society building on North Pleasant Street with a partial view of the house next door. The church was built in 1893.

View showing Cook Fountain with water flowing. The surrounding area needs some attention.


View of Phoenix Row seen from the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets. Cook's Block, the brick building on the left, was built about 1840. The upper floors were partially rebuilt after a fire in 1881. Other business blocks (from left to right)…

View looking north from the junction of Amity and North Pleasant Streets. Horses and carts are parked in front of businesses and the streets are unpaved.

View of the east end of Phoenix Row on Main Street. The new Lincoln Block is in the foreground.

The Amherst Journal of 6/16/1950 states, "Built by the Allen Brothers of Amherst in 1909 and 1910, the structure was designed by James H. Ritchie of…

View of a trolley car running through the pass at the Notch in South Amherst.
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