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Photograph of the owners and employees of Paige's Garage standing before the gas pumps. This was a Socony station. Socony was a shortened name for Standard Oil Company of New York. The horse Pegasus, the oil company logo, is visible on the pumps and…

View of the Lewis J. Spear Blacksmith shop on North Pleasant Street with employees and horses.

View of the block which stood on the site where Town Hall now stands. It burned to the ground during the Blizzard of 1888. It was often referred to as the "Opera House" due to the large hall on the third floor which was the venue for concerts and…

View of Paige's Livery Stable, next to the Amity Street School, with horses, employees, and the Amherst House stagecoach with driver. This building became the Amherst Theater. Stated in The Village of Amherst, a Landmark of Light, by Frank Prentice …

View of the interior of Deuel's Drug Store showing the soda fountain and two employees. This image is part of an advertisement which states: "Guests of Amherst House are referred to Deuel's Drug Store, Amherst House block. Toilet articles of all…

Two pages from Simeon Clark's account book showing records related to Martha Selfring and Edward Selfring. Under Martha's name is listed work relating to weaving and sewing. Under Edward's name is listed work relating to providing food goods.

Account Book Warner Simeon Clark 1757 600 dpi.jpg
Section from the account book of David Warner, a local blacksmith, showing work he completed for Simeon Clark. Some of the jobs listed: fixing the rim on a dishkettle, fixing grips for a harrow, mending chain, and mill work in a saw mill. The account…
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