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This is the old First National Bank building on Main Street, designed by William Fenno Pratt and built in 1864. The building was home to S. K. Orr Apothecary as well as the bank. In 1891, First National Bank moved to the center of town and took up…

This business block is called Palmer Block and is where Emily Dickinson's father and brother operated their law firm. Written on verso: "C.J.W. from Mother Dec. 25, 1875."

This Amherst High School building was located on Spring Street in Amherst from 1867 to 1916.

View of houses on Main Street in Amherst through a triangular patch of grass and trees.


Early view of Phoenix Row business blocks. Written on verso: "Before 1873-no gaslights; shows Charles Deuel store, Deuel's store in Amherst House Block by 1886 according to town directory."

View of upper Phoenix Row on Main Street in Amherst with awnings on some of the store fronts. Written on verso: "I work right where I made the two marks; gas lamps put in 1873, out by 1894."

View up Main Street when it was a dirt road. The Amherst House hotel is visible in the background.

View of Prospect Street when it was a dirt lane and showing a couple of houses on one side of the street.

View south on South Pleasant Street with Merchants' Row on the right.

View north on South Pleasant Street with Merchants' Row on the left and horses with wagons tied up along the road.

Merchants' Row (also known as Commercial Row) viewed from the grassy Town Common with the first Amherst House on the right.

View of a rustic unidentified street in Amherst with a hotel feeding stable on the left.and a horse and carriage on the right.

View of an unidentified street in Amherst with dirt sidewalks and road, and low picket fences lining the sidewalks.


"Hotel Orient Springs," located in the Pelham Hills, was so named by Edward Hitchcock at the dedication on April 29, 1861. Written on the back of an advertising card: "No summer resort has so many attractions as the Orient Springs House. Besides the…

View of an unidentified street in Amherst with two large houses on the right in the foreground. One of the houses has a portico with large columns and the other has a long porch along the front of the house. Written on verso: "Pleasant St.?…

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