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View of Factory Hollow Pond (now known as Puffers Pond) in the Cushman section of North Amherst.

View of the brick hat factory on Main Street owned by George B. Burnett.

Turn of the century view of the library. The building is a small, clapboard Queen Anne style structure and was designed by Roswell F. Putnam of Leverett. Montague Road and Sunderland Road are dirt.

Caption on back: "North Amherst Library, built…

This structure was built on the site where Noah Webster's house was located during the time he spent in Amherst writing his dictionary (1812-1822). It was built as the Hygeian Hotel. This statement was printed in the Springfield Republican edition of…

Ice hockey game in progress on the pond at Mass Aggie. Snow is cleared to create walkways around the pond.

Written on back: "Thought maybe when you looked at this it would make you cooler - I am in Deuels talking to Susie. I am using her pencil. I…

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Scenic view of the pond at Mass Aggie surrounded by nicely landscaped trees and shrubs. A small island is visible in the middle and a group of students relax at the edge.

Still standing on the corner of Amity and North Prospect Streets, the Prospect House is hardly recognizable. At a later date, more stories were added and it was covered with stucco. It has also been known as Drake's Hotel, The Village Inn, and The…

Long view across open land east to the Pelham Hills from the hill on which Stearns Chapel stood.

View of the small brick school house in South Amherst, which later became the East Street Alternative High School, part of the Amherst Regional School system.

President's house at Massachusetts Agricultural College
This elegant house, known as Hillside House, was built in 1883-1884 for the president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College.

View looking toward the Old Chapel and the area where the Fine Arts Center is currently located.

View east over the campus pond and toward the Pelham hills.

Brick schoolhouse in North Amherst which became the Amherst Survival Center.

SPC63 (2).jpg
Formerly known as the Prospect House, this building is still standing on the corner of Amity and North Prospect Streets. Two stories were added and it was covered with stucco since its previous incarnation. It has also been known as Drake's Hotel,…

View of a line of students walking across a snow covered landscape away from the College Chapel. It looks as though they've walked across the frozen campus pond.

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