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barnes_bar048006_1928_memorial day 1928.jpg
Memorial Day Parade 1928, children and a few adults lined up at a standstill for parade, two adults leading in front with full size flag, automobile at rear of the parade line.

barnes_bar0127006_undated_old amherst record office-cooke place off main st.jpg
Image of Amherst Record building and construction vehicles, which are digging and preparing the lot beside the building, two workers in the bottom right of the photograph.

barnes_bar0113001_circa 1938_amherst laundry co..jpg
Image of three men beside Amherst Laundry Co. Cars in front of Amherst Laundry Co. building.

barnes_bar0063005_1928_kellog ave., amity st. schools health day, june 1928, sweetser park.jpg
Small parade on the grass featuring an "Uncle Sam" costume, with children and teachers behind.

Class photo for east street school, taken in front of building, showing 49 students in 4 rows, a cluster of other students in the upper right appearing to be in line for an activity.

Image of the Amherst house, viewed from S. Pleasant St., and showingin neighboring businesses, as well as two automobiles and stationary traffic indicator.

barnes_bar0217002_1929_st_rr_barn_car barn_s_pleasant_st_east_side_nov_9_1929.jpg
Image of trolley barn exterior, showing full side of building, single leafless tree in front of building, power lines on left. Noted: View of Trolley Barn side.

barnes-bar0091005_undated_jones library auditorium event.jpg
Image of performers, standing in choral concert rows, holding opened books, an undated Jones Library Auditorium Event.

Flower Show Jones Auditorium 8 Sep. 1934, image of 6 tables set to display a variety of flowers at each.

barnes_bar0008003_1931_american_league baseball_american_legion_aug_28_1931.jpg
Image of the team on 9, American League Baseball, American Legion Aug, 28, 1931, all in uniforms seated on bleachers with baseball and baseball bats crossed in front.

Image of children, families, and individuals sitting beside Jones Library for tercentennial celebration, a large portion seated under a tree, with a party table to the left of them with others standing and socializing.

Image of 9 boy scouts, 8 on bicycles, lined up and smiling before their bicycle hike, they are dressed warmly, some in hats.

barnes_bar0099005_1930_amherst theatre town hall dec.1930.jpg
Image of seating and stage, interior image of Amherst Theatre at the Town Hall, dated for Dec.1930.
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