Jones Family Collection


Jones Family Collection


Jones Family
Jones, Samuel Minot, 1836-1912


The Jones Family Collection contains documents, photographs, and artifacts related to the family of Samuel Minot Jones, benefactor of the Jones Library.


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Amherst Academy and Parsons House
View of Amity Street and Amherst Academy building, where Emily Dickinson went to school. The Academy building is three and one-half stories and federal style. The building was razed in 1868. Rev. David Parsons House is on the right. The Jones Library…

Portrait of Samuel Minot Jones
Formal portrait of a mature Samuel Minot Jones wearing a nice suit and sitting in a chair with one leg crossed over the other.

Samuel Minot Jones birthplace Enfield, Massachusetts
Exterior view of the front and side of the house in which Samuel Minot Jones was born, located in Enfield, Massachusetts.

Samuel Minot Jones and Augusta Thayer Jones as children
Photo of Samuel Minot Jones and his sister Augusta Thayer Jones as children

The Homestead on the Hill - boyhood home of Samuel Minot Jones
Exterior view of the front of the house in which Samuel Minot Jones spent his boyhood, located in Amherst, Massachusetts

Harriet Stenger Jones and young Minot
Young Minot Jones as a toddler, standing behind his mother, Harriet Stenger Jones. She is seated and holding his arms loosely around her neck.

Minot Jones
Minot Jones in his Army uniform with rifle by his side. Photograph possibly taken in an Army camp, as there appear to be cots laden with belongings in the background.

The Meeting House, First Congregational Church
Pen and ink drawing showing the exterior and side view of the Congregational church meeting house, now College Hall at Amherst College

Cutler's Store
View of Merchants' Row, including Cutler's store, from the Amherst Town Common

Thomas Jones
Portrait of Thomas Jones

Civil War letter from Samuel Minot Jones to his brother, March 16, 1862
Letter written from Samuel Minot Jones to his brother while Samuel was camped on the battlefield at Sugar Creek, Arkansas. Details how the Union won the pivotal Civil War battle at Pea Ridge despite being outnumbered three to one by Confederate…

Walking stick of Samuel Minot Jones
Images of monogrammed walking stick owned by Samuel Minot Jones

Sword carried by Samuel Minot Jones during the Civil War
Officer's sword and scabbard carried by Samuel Minot Jones during the Civil War, made by Ames Manufacturing Company in Chicopee, Massachusetts

Minot Jones's Tank Corps pin
Image of United States Army Tank Corps pin of Minot Jones

Writing case and pen of Samuel Minot Jones
Engraved leather writing case and fountain pen of Samuel Minot Jones
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