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A white woman sitting in a wooden chair resting her left arm on an armrest and holding a portrait of a smiling man in her right hand.

A view of a chair and a small table with a hat on top of it standing by a corner of a room. A small window is above the table.

A wooden rocking chair with two arm rests and a cushion seat. A diamond cushion hangs on the backrest and a small extension for the head is above it.

Women and children in a room. A woman on the right holds a toddler in her hands and looking at two women in the center talking to each other, one handing, what is possibly a note to the other. A small girl tugs at the woman's dress and two other…

A woman helps a girl dress. A second girl is behind the woman. They are all facing right. The girl in front holds a ribbon in her hands and some ribbons, a comb and a shoe are scattered on the floor. One ribbon hangs on a nail above them and the…

A portrait of a white woman wearing a bonnet and looking left. A circular frame is drawn around the portrait.

A small plant growing with large leaves at three small side branches. A drawing hangs on the plant showing a woman near a bare tree.

A family portrait of the Johnson family drawn as stick figures with their initials above their heads. From tallest, left to right, are "C.E.J." (Charles, Clifton's brother) who is the tallest, and "N.R.J." (Nettie, Clifton's mother) who is wearing a…

A small attic room with one small window on the far wall and steep row on the right side. There is an opening in the center of the floor that connects to the floor below. The words: "Old Garret" are written on the top right and the date "Dec. 84" is…

A white man wearing a black hat, pants, and long coat walks towards the right with his head down. A skeleton dressed in white and holding a long white sword as if about to strike the man floats in the air, galloping past on a white horse.

A tree with some of its crown on top. A small, broken stone wall is by the tree and hilly meadows extend into the background.

A person stands on a tall pile of what looks like wood logs overlooking a road. A similar pile is on the other side extending as if forming fortifications. Three tall trees grow behind and others are in the background.

A stream flowing between two stone walls with trees growing on both sides and filling the background.

A view of a lake at night with most of the full moon above the horizon casting a light on the water. A small boat is on the shore in the foreground.

A girl wearing a hat and seen from behind, walks with a large umbrella in pouring rain. Water sprays from under her boots.
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