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View showing Candida Musante beside the stand that became an Amherst institution. She and her husband (known as "Peanut John") ran a little shop out of Cutler's Block on South Pleasant Street. The Musantes emigrated from Italy, arriving in Amherst in…

Walter Mason Dickinson at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was the grandson of Marquis Fayette Dickinson and the only Amherst man to die in the Spanish-American War. He fell in the Battle of El Caney (Cuba) on July 1, 1898, which was a precursor to the Battle…

Children demonstrating martial arts poses on the Town Common at the 2008 Taste of Amherst. The demonstration was sponsored by Shaolin Kung Fu of Amherst. In the background is the vehicle painted with the logo for the radio station 93.9 "The River."

A crowd of people watch the Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration on the Amherst Town Common at the 2008 Taste of Amherst. Colorful food tents form the background of the photograph.

General view of the colorful booths and crowd at the 2008 Taste of Amherst.

People enjoying a wagon ride provided by Muddy Brook Farm at the 2008 Taste of Amherst.

General view of the crowd and stands at the 2005 Amherst Farmers' Market. Commercial buldings along South Pleasant Street stand in the background.

Fortune teller with a client at the 1987 Amherst Community Fair.

Three young girls on a ride at the 1987 Amherst Community Fair.

Group portrait of members of the Amherst Boys Club with the clubhouse in the background. Written on back: "A portion of the Friday p.m. Boys Club. We have a membership of 45 boys representing all churches - Protestant, Catholic, Jewish."

Members of the Amherst Boys Club working on a project on Cleanup Day. Boys are at work shoveling dirt near a parked a two-horse cart filled with dirt. Kellogg Avenue School is in the background.

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Newspaper article glued to a scrapbook page. The article describes the history of the relationship of Sir Chentung Liang Cheng to the town and the people of Amherst. Cheng came to the United States about 1875 (at the age of 12) as part of the Chinese…
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