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A woman looking at cards in an open card catalog drawer

Winifred Sayer seated in Robert Frost room. Caption on reverse reads, "Winifred Sayer curator at Jones in Robert Frost room at Jones Library."

Jones Library Whipple House.jpg
Photograph taken from in front of the Whipple House on North Pleasant Street. The Jones Library operations moved into this house two days after the disastrous fire that destroyed the Amherst House in December of 1926. The elliptical window (barely…

Woman seated at room full of weaving looms. Caption on reverse reads, "Arts and Crafts at Jones Library."

Two women and two children stand before the UNICEF card table at the Jones Library.

Article about the history of the dwelling that was locally known as the "Doctors' House" on Amity Street in reference to the succession of doctors who had lived and practiced there over the years. A number of doctors are described, particularly Dr.…

Daily tally board, in the periodical lounge, during the January 1977 inventory of the Jones Library

Sue Hugus, a Jones Library employee, at the Adult Circulation Desk. Information on reverse reads, "Amherst Record, Sept. 14, p. 7", "Sue Hugus - Jones Library employee at Adult Circulation Desk", " Article: "Check it out………the Jones Library"

While the Jones Library was housed at the Amherst House these children enjoyed story hour.

Amherst House fire.jpg
View of the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets after the fire of December 9, 1926. The ruins of the Amherst House are visible, as well as the east side of the Amherst Cinema building. The Jones Library was operating on the second floor of the…

Ron'na J'Q Lytle as the Cat in the Hat during a children’s program called Seussology.

Charles R. Green showing Robert Frost a book in the Frost Room at the Jones Library.

Robert Frost speaks at the dedication of the Robert Frost Room at The Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts
Robert Frost gives a speech at the dedication of the Robert Frost Room at The Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts in which he credits director Charles Green as being "the first person in the world" to think Frost was worth collecting. Recorded in…

This group has come together to listen to Robert Francis read poetry on the lawn outside the Jones Library.

Robert Fessenden, a volunteer at Jones Library, stands by a cart of books in the Library hallway. Caption on reverse reads, "Robert Fessenden Volunteer for many years at the library"
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