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First Congregational Church Construction.jpg
Construction of the First Congregational Church on Main Street in the winter of 1867. This building was the fourth meetinghouse constructed by the congregation. Edward Dickinson (Emily's father) gave a speech at its dedication.

This sermon was preached at the beginning of the Civil War by Charles Wadsworth, a minister proclaimed by Emily Dickinson to be "My Shepherd from 'Little Girl'hood'." Dickinson had heard him preach at the Arch Street Presbyterian Church in…

View of Amity Street and Amherst Academy building, where Emily Dickinson went to school. The Academy building is three and one-half stories and federal style. The building was razed in 1868. Rev. David Parsons House is on the right. The Jones Library…

This 16-page catalog lists trustees, teachers and pupils at the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for the year that Emily Dickinson attended, describing the course of study, entrance requirements, books used, vacations, Sabbath requirements, etc.

Photograph of the Dickinson Homestead.

Portrait of Frazar Stearns shortly before he was killed in the battle of Newbern. The photograph was for his parents (Amherst College President William A. Stearns and Rebecca Alden Frazar Stearns) as the signature underneath reads, "Your affec. son,…
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