Everett Perry letter

The news of David Grayson's identity was slowly leaking out. By late 1915 many people had guesses but a lucky few had the honor of knowing. This letter from Everett Perry thanks David Grayson for allowing him to know one of the greatest mysteries of the time. 

Decmber 17, 1915

Dear Friend, 

I see in this months Bookman that your publishers are reciveing numerous letters inquiring after your identity. It makes me feel like I have been privlidged by your revealing yourself to me so I wish to thank you agan. 

I am also glad to hear about the graysonian clubs.  

Griffen Mace seems to have felt the same as I did after reading "Hempfield" for he says "-one always feels like calling him only David-."

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.