Grayson Fanfare

Fans sent many letters and notes to David Grayson over the years. Readers viewed him as a friend, even addressing their letters as such, before going on to say “you do not know me.” Strangers around the country felt a kinship with the essays and books that David Grayson wrote.

Many people simply wrote to tell him that they enjoyed his work. One example included the following line: “I suppose you really do not mind having people, even strangers in the West, tell you of the pleasure you have given?” Once he went on vacation and a reader wrote to the editor telling them to not let David “take too long a vacation, some persons ought to spend their whole lives doing nothing and there are others we can’t afford to let take a vacation. They’re needed too much!”

Over the years rumors started about the identity of David Grayson. Fans often wrote asking if David Grayson was a pen name and, if so, who was actually writing all of these essays. A lucky few were told the secret and one wrote that “it makes me feel like I have been privileged by your revealing yourself to me so I wish to thank you again.” As guesses were made as to who David Grayson really was one fan asked the author, whoever he may be, to “please end up as David Grayson.”