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Eliza Burroughs, wife of Curtis Burroughs, washes pans and pails in the yard outside her home.

Eliza Burroughs, wife of Curtis Burroughs stands near a flower garden, a cat at her feet.

Eliza Burroughs stands outside the homestead with two pails. Caption on reverse reads "Catskills Roxburry Going a-milking. The stones --- on the terrace of the old farm house of John Burroughs.

John Burroughs stands next to a gnarled tree. Caption on reverse reads "an old apple tree that the birds frequented on land adjacent to that owned by Burroughs."

A man repairs a fence, axe in hand. Caption on reverse reads "NY Crown Point Spring- mending the pasture fence."

A man sprays the grapevines. Caption on reverse reads "New York West Park. Hand sprays the grapevines."
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