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View of the drill hall with three cannons on the lawn. From Handbook of Amherst by Frederick H. Hitchcock (1894): The drill Hall was erected in 1883, at an expenditure of $6500. The Armory, at the right of the entrance, contains the arms furnished by…

Letter to Mary Boltwood from her husband on the day before he says he is to set sail with a large contingent of soldiers, from Lake George to Ticonderoga.

Fort Ticonderoga controlled the route between the Hudson River Valley and Canada in the wars…

Military drill performance on the Massachusetts Agricultural College fields. Soldiers are lined up in rows.

Letter from Jeffery Amherst to Lt. Col. John Bradstreet regarding construction of boats, hire and pay of laborers, and finance for military campaign, March 5, 1759. Several months later Amherst successfully captured Fort Ticonderoga on the Hudson…
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