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John Burroughs stands next to a gnarled tree. Caption on reverse reads "an old apple tree that the birds frequented on land adjacent to that owned by Burroughs."

John Burroughs sits by the pond holding a hat in his hand.

Clifton Johnson and John Burroughs Online Exhibit Flyer.pdf
A flyer for the 'In the Catskills' exhibit displayed in the Jones Library Special Collections from May to June 2016.

John Burroughs stands next to a large tree, reaching up to a birdhouse.

John Burroughs stands speaking to a woman in a dorrway. Caption on reverse reads "Burroughs, on a Catskills walking trip, stops at a farmhouse to ask directions."

John Burroughs lays across a wooden bench. Caption on reverse reads "New York, What he called the most restful position."

A cow stands near John Burroughs study. Caption on reverse reads "The bark covered study where Buroughs did mainly all his writing."

John Burroughs stands on a dirt trail holding a basket and thermos. Caption on reverse reads "On the way to Slabsides to spend the night. The gloom in the background is an evergreen thicket."

Burroughs stands on the porch of a vine covered house. Caption on reverse reads "Slabsides"

John Burroughs stands newspaper in hand next to the door of a house. An american flag hangs to his left. Caption on reverse reads "At the backdoor of the 'Nest.' It was in this house that Burroughs lived during his last years."
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