The Pocket Letter Writer

The Pocket Letter Writer The Pocket Letter Writer

Published in Worcester in 1847 by S.A. Howland, The Pocket Letter Writer contains advice on and examples of letter writing as it is “one of those accomplishments…[that] ought to be studied with great attention by all.”

The Pocket Letter Writer is a book on deportment, meaning it was written to instruct people on how to behave properly. The book gives advice on letter writing “suited to the various situations in life” including “business, love, courtship, marriage, relationship, friendship, etc.”

  In the “love, courtship, and marriage” section it is advised that “extravagant flattery should, by all means, be avoided.e homage may be paid at beauty's shrine wothout fulsome adulation”  Mr. Hobbs obviously did not take this advice as his letter to Fanny Gridley is full of the “extravagant flattery” the book warns against exhibiting. Thie author goes on to state that "the sincerity of the writer is questioned when is language is exaggerated."