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A white boy leans over a ford while a second boy stands on top of logs which make up the footpath. A dirt road crosses the ford and continues into the background, partly followed by a wooden fence on the left.

Upper body shot of Robert Francis in a suit and tie, wearing glasses, and with his arms behind his head.
A pair of young black sisters sit on a porch in Tennessee. One is in a chair and sewing. The other is on the porch itself, and is holding a doll and looking up at the other.

A flat valley with scattered trees and a large rock face of a mountain, possibly El Capitan.

Two white women look out through a slit on the stone city walls with a street behind them below with people and carriages walking up and down the street. Town buildings are visible in the middle ground with the spires of York Minster rising in the…

Three boys sit at their benches writing in the Hockanum schoolhouse.

writing case2.JPG
Engraved leather writing case and fountain pen of Samuel Minot Jones

View across a pond to a hillside topped by a large barn and other farm buildings in the background. Dense trees grow on the left and right banks of the pond.

A white man stands on a barge wearing a straw hat pushing down on a wooden pole. A house and a steeple and roof of a house are partly visible above the treeline on the left shore.

A white woman sitting surrounded by what is possibly wicker that she is straightening and tying into bundles. A tree grows behind her and pool of water and trees are in the background.

A white woman sitting outside the door of a stone house with two chairs by her and white sheet spread across them. She is possibly sewing.

A white man using a large handled-shovel to clear dirt and stones that have slid off a hillside onto the road. Rocky canyon walls are visible on the right and some shrubs grow on a hill in the background on the left.

A horse-drawn carriage loaded with dirt faces away from the camera. A man sits on the carriage while another man is digging with a shovel, facing the camera. A wood is visible behind the road.

A boy, identified as Stephen Johnson, using a hay fork on the hay on the barn floor. Behind him is the bright opening of the barn doors that show the Connecticut River. Both front barn doors are open.

A man standing on top of a tall haystack with a second haystack on the right. A road extends from the camera towards the left of the houses. A stone and wooden wall extends on the right along the road. A girl stands near the stonewall in the middle…
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