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Peace vigil which had been held for many years from noon to 1:00 p.m. on the Town Common since 1966.

Members of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship preparing to march along with the military parade for Recognition Weekend, an event organized at UMass in mid-July, 1986. The event was designed as a vehicle to honor veterans. It drew a large number of people…

Three young girls on a ride at the 1987 Amherst Community Fair.

Two of the childrens' rides, surrounded by people, at the 1987 Amherst Community Fair.

Fortune teller with a client at the 1987 Amherst Community Fair.

Buttons for sale at a booth at the 1984 Amherst Community Fair.

Flamingo decorations outside the building which housed Faces of Earth for about 20 years. The building is behind the Mobil station on North Pleasant Street and had previously housed a candlepin bowling alley. Faces had removed from the site by…

Jumble of posters and various hand made advertisements taped to a wall in the center of Amherst.

Plumbley's Restaurant, illuminated at night, from across and down Main Street.

A lone pedestrian struggles to move forward through thick snow on the sidewalk in front of the Evergreens (William Austin Dickinson House).


View up Main Street toward Town Hall and the central business district at night.

Poet Robert Francis is interviewed by NPR's Poems to a Listener host and producer Henry Lyman, at Fort Juniper, Francis' home in Amherst.
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