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View of a trolley car traveling along the Town Common on South Pleasant Street.

View of Johnson Chapel and North and South dormitories and the walkway in front.

Three scenes described as south view of the campus in winter, Stearns Church, and North College and Johnson Chapel.

View of the Amherst Town Hall and the Amherst College Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house.

Collage view of three scenes showing the Amherst College campus, the Town Common, and Main Street.

Collage view of three scenes described as the Gymnasium, Walker Hall, and a view of Lessey Street.

View of Grace Episcopal Church, and First Congregational Church of Amherst.

Collage view of five Amherst College scenes showing Morgan Library, the Observatory, Appleton Cabinet, College Hall, and a general view of the campus.

Collage view of three aerial scenes described as southeast view from college - hills and Holyoke Range, general view, and view of Walker Hall.

Collage view of four Amherst College fraternities listed as Alpha Delta Phi, Psi Upsilon, Chi Phi, Delta Upsilon, and two views of Whately Glen.

Collage view of three Amherst scenes described as the Amherst House, Phoenix Row, and Dickinson Block.

Collage view of four Amherst College fraternity houses described as Beta Theta Pi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Chi Psi, and Phi Delta Theta.

Collage view of three Massachusetts Agricultural College buildings described as South College, Botanic Museum, and North College.

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Collage view of three buildings at Massachusetts Agricultural College, and two area scenes described as the Insectary, Botanical Laboratory, and Drill Hall; also two views of the waterfall in Whateley Glen.

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View of the Amherst House which was located on the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets. This is the second incarnation of the hotel and is shown here with people posing in front and the stagecoach parked on the side of the building. D. H.…
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