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A letter to Robert Francis from Lloyd J. Reynolds,Professor of Art at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, asking permission to use Francis' poem, "Watching Gymnasts," as part of the sixth National Italic Handwriting Competition.

Photograph of Pigeons' Rock (also known as the Rock of Raouché) taken by Robert Francis while he was in Lebanon teaching for a year.

Photograph taken by Robert Francis of a group of children dressed in costume. The caption on the reverse states, "Play given by orphans at Hilltop orphanage, Sidon."

Postcard sent to Charles R. Green at The Jones Library from Robert Francis while Francis was traveling in Rome, Italy. Francis thanks Green for his bon voyage card, wishes him a happy new year, and reports that he has "found Frost in three libraries:…

Photograph of Robert Francis and family members sitting at a table outside under trellises. Francis' father Ebenezer F. Francis and stepmother Ida May Allen Francis are sitting across from Robert (fourth from left).

Robert Francis on admiration for Frost.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis discusses his admiration for Robert Frost and how he is different from his friend.

Photograph of poet Robert Francis in a suit and jacket, wearing a tie

Robert Francis on making a living as a poet.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis responds to the question of whether he earns a living entirely from poetry.

Robert Francis on his first book.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis talks about the importance of the 1936 publication of his first book of poetry, Stand With Me Here.

Robert Francis on influence of parents.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis discusses the influence of his parents on his own character and how the contrasting temperaments combined to make him a poet.

Robert Francis on his philosophy of eating.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis discusses his four point policy, or philosophy, with regards to eating and food.

Robert Francis on his poem Two Women.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis reads his poem, Two Women, and then discusses the different ways the last line could be read.

Robert Francis on his stone man.mp4
Robert Francis talks about his 'found art' that he calls an eolith palladium, a stone that he turned into art in his backyard.

Robert Francis on his writing process.mp4
Robert Francis discusses his writing process and states that it is one of revision. He considers a poem finished when he publishes it.

Robert Francis on humor in poetry.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis responds to the question, "How important is humor to your poems?" and talks about how poetry and humor are closely related as both surprise you with unexpected combinations.
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