Friendship with Robert Frost

"Robert Frost in Amherst" poem by Robert Francis

Poem, "Robert Frost in Amherst," written by Robert Francis

Robert Frost was already a famous and well liked poet by the time Robert Francis moved to Amherst in 1926. However, it wasn't until January 24, 1933 that they finally met. Another Amherst resident enlisted Francis' help with running her errands, which led to him chauffeuring her to Frost's home, where she showed him a copy of a poem that Francis had written about Frost. That moment was a profound one for Francis, setting the tone for their friendship.

Five Poets Published in 1936

Five Poets Published in 1936, L-R: Joseph Auslander, Robert Frost, Audrey Wurdemann, David Morton, Robert Francis

The friendship was very important to Francis. Aside from admiring and respecting Frost and his work, he trusted Frost's opinion. When discussing his own poems with him, Francis found Frost's critiques and comments to be generous and sincere. He was encouraged by his praise, even if Frost was one of only a very few to do so.  

<em>Frost: A Time to Talk</em> book cover

Cover of Frost: A Time to Talk

Francis recounts several memories of Frost in his autobiograpy, The Trouble With Francis, and in the book Frost: A Time to Talk.

They remained friends for the rest of Robert Frost's life. When Frost died, Francis spoke at a local memorial for his friend.