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A horse-drawn carriage loaded with dirt faces away from the camera. A man sits on the carriage while another man is digging with a shovel, facing the camera. A wood is visible behind the road.

A boy, identified as Stephen Johnson, using a hay fork on the hay on the barn floor. Behind him is the bright opening of the barn doors that show the Connecticut River. Both front barn doors are open.

A man standing on top of a tall haystack with a second haystack on the right. A road extends from the camera towards the left of the houses. A stone and wooden wall extends on the right along the road. A girl stands near the stonewall in the middle…

A boy leans on a a hoe in an onion patch in Hockanum. He is looking away from the camera towards farm buildings visible behind. The patch belonged to Edward Johnson.

A white man stoops in a garden hoeing while a boy stands nearby working. A tree grows to the right with a building behind and houses visible on the left.

A man and a girl, identified as Chester Johnson and his granddaughter Katherine Johnson, working in the field. She is sitting on a horse looking back at her grandpa who stands at the back of a wagon that is hitched to the horse. Some trees grow…

A white boy pushing his homemade wheelbarrow toward a house which has a sizable vine growing along the porch. A large tree grows in front of the house, near the boy.

A white child sits on a chair holding a cup near a fireplace. A large pot hangs in the fireplace with some other pots and kettles around the cobbled floor.

A white woman and a man work in a field gathering grass into a wicker basket. Some buildings are visible in the middle ground and the Alps rise in the background.

A horse carrying a sack on its back stands in a street tethered to a wicker basket. Stone town buildings line the road on both sides with some people walking around on the right and two other horses carry baskets on their sides in the middle ground.

A view of a street with rows of building on either side with women and men walking on the sidewalks on either sides.

Two white men sit on a fence at the edge of a field while two horses are resting near them. Bare trees and bushes stand behind the fence.

Two women working in a field with a view of the Pyrenees in the background.

A white woman standing over a bowl looking out of a window in a pantry.

A white woman sits on a chair in a kitchen with a plate and a spoon in her hands while a cat is sitting on the floor looking at her. There is a stove behind her with some kettles and two pails rest on the floor nearby.
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