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Brochure expressing the work of the A Better Chance Program, listing current students/participants and graduates, and alumni, as well as those working for the program.

whitcomb e.m. -fourth of july 1919_1919_ amherst victory celebration july 4 flyer card.jpg
Scan of paper/card stock promotional flyer for the fourth of July victory celebration 1919.

Photographs showing the display cases in the Special Collections Exhibit Room during the "Who is David Grayson?" exhibit that was on display in March-April 2016

"David Grayson" owns up newspaper clipping regarding the reveal of Ray Stannard Baker as David Grayson dated March 1, 1916

The press release describes the event for Robert Francis at The Jones Library on August 12, 1986 celebrating the poet's 85th birthday. Richard Wilbur, Henry Lyman, Joseph Langland, and Andrew Salkey were among those scheduled to read the poems of…

Three white boys stand on the shore of a river with one boy pointing into the water and the other two looking at where he is pointing. Caption: "'A fish!' in the Rio Grande, and the boys get quite excited over it.

Newspaper clipping from unknown newspaper published October 22, 1916. Titled: "An Indian Autobiography: Dr. Eastman Tells of Leaving the Customs of His People to Follow those of the White Man"

Two white boys stand on a dirt path with the smaller hiding behind the taller boy as he holds out his hand towards a goat facing them. A white fence lines the path on the left and trees grow on the right.
A black boy is about to hit the large hanging broken saw blade which serves as a bell for a poor black church. Captions on back: "Near by is a little church that belongs to the Negroes, and the larger boy is sounding a call to worship" and "Such a…
Article written by Booker T. Washington (with photography by Clifton Johnson) that reflects a casual and personal look into Washington's philosophy and daily life. He relates his fondness for animals, his daily routine, and how the practical aspects…

Newspaper clipping from The Springfield Union, published September 2, 1923. Titled: "Dr. C. A. Eastman in the Costume of His Native People, the Sioux: Dr. Charles A. Eastman Appointed Inspector in the Indian Service: Full-Blooded Sioux of Amherst and…

Dr. Charles A. Eastman's 1904-1905 Lecture circuit series pamphlet. Includes information about Eastman and a page of testimonials.

A man stands by an open door to a wood shed holding an axe and resting his foot on the wooden frame of a grinding stone looking at the blade resting on his knee.

A black woman stands in a farm yard holding a wicker basket in her right hand and corn in her left which she is point giving to an approaching mule. Three wooden shacks are near her in the yard and trees grow in the background.

grayson_denver imposter_cropped_page1.jpg
News Clipping about David Grayson's Denver Imposter
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