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Young Minot Jones as a toddler, standing behind his mother, Harriet Stenger Jones. She is seated and holding his arms loosely around her neck.

Exterior view of the front of the house in which Samuel Minot Jones spent his boyhood, located in Amherst, Massachusetts

Photo of Samuel Minot Jones and his sister Augusta Thayer Jones as children

Exterior view of the front and side of the house in which Samuel Minot Jones was born, located in Enfield, Massachusetts.

Two white boys and a girl stand in front of a wooden cabin facing each other. One of the boys is holding a large dog in his lap.

Two white women face each other near an entrance to a wooden house. One is sitting on the steps holding a baby while the other stands in front of them holding a dog in her lap. A railcar is in the middle ground and a hill rises in the background.

A view of a town with a church in the center and other town buildings around it. Some snow lies on the ground in the foreground and a hill rises in the background.

A view of a wooden shack with a slanted roof on the right, a low window close to the ground and a door to the left. A small fence distances the shack from a second building on the left and other buildings are in the background.

Two white women stand outside a large tent with a chimney rising from the front of it in a large flat landscape. Some hills rise in the background.

Two white men stand facing each other. One stands in the door of a tent and the other stands outside it. A stove stands in the foreground and mountains rise in the background.

A white girl holding a cauldron looks up at wooden dovecotes supported by two wooden beam extending from a fence in front of her. Other farm buildings are visible in the background.

A white man standing in the foreground yawning and holding a pail in his hand. A tent is behind him, standing on a wooden foundation.

A white man standing on a horse in a snowy field looking back over his shoulder. Some trees are barely visible in the background.

A large butte in the middle ground with a river flowing in front of it. Two men work on land in the foreground. Caption: "The boy is helping his father get the land ready for planting."

Two black men fishing in a river. One is sitting on a rock holding his fishing pole in water while the second man stands nearby working on his fishing pole.
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