1777 Amherst Town Meeting Warrant


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1777 Amherst Town Meeting Warrant


Amherst (Mass.)
Municipal government


A Warrant written on behalf of the Selectmen of Amherst (John Billings, Moses Dickinson, and Joseph Williams) directing Constables Martin Kellogg and Moses Dickinson Junior to inform all eligible voters in the Town of Amherst of a Town Meeting to be held on 19 May and of the issues to be discussed therein.


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15 May 1777


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Transcription (spelling and punctuation have been standardized to assist with readability):

Hampshire SS To Constables Martin Kellogg and Moses Dickinson Junior
In observance of the state writ to us directed these are in the name of the government and people of the Massachusetts Bay to will and require you forthwith to cause the freeholders and other inhabitants of ye town of Amherst that have an estate of freehold in land within this state or territory of forty shillings per annum at the least or other estate to the value of fifty pounds sterling to assemble and meet at the meetinghouse in Amherst on the nineteenth day of May instant at four of the clock in the afternoon then and thereafter to elect and depute some one or more persons being freeholders and resident in said town.
To serve for and represent them in the great and General Court of this state to be held at Boston on the twenty-eighth day of May instant. Secondly to give such instructions to the person or persons chosen as they shall see fit. Thirdly to see if the town will be at the charge to erect a house to receive such persons as may accidentally take the small pox.
Hereof fail not and make return of your doing hereon to some one of us before the opening of said meeting given under our Hand, and Seal this 15th day of May 1777
John Billings Select men
Moses Dickinson of
Joseph Williams Amherst


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