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Sound recording of Robert Francis reciting his poems "Hay Heaviness", "Dwight", and "The Gypsy Moth Man".

Sound recording of Robert Francis reciting his poem "Pumpkin Man."

Poet Robert Francis is interviewed by NPR's Poems to a Listener host and producer Henry Lyman, at Fort Juniper, Francis' home in Amherst.

Upper body shot of Robert Francis in a suit and tie, wearing glasses, and with his arms behind his head.

Photograph of Robert Francis spending some time thinking at Fort Juniper.

Photograph of Robert Francis in the doorway of Fort Juniper, the small house he built in North Amherst, leaning with one hand on the outside wall.

This is Fort Juniper, the home of poet Robert Francis in Amherst, Massachusetts. In the summer of 1940 Robert Francis bought 1/2 acre of land on which to build a house. The entire cost of his 20 foot by 22 foot house was $1500. He called his home…

Letter written from Robert Francis to Nonny Burack while Francis was in Firenze, Italy. Burack managed Francis' affairs in Amherst while he was abroad. The letter sends holiday greetings, discusses receipt of mail, and remarks on Francis' Christmas…

Letter from the Rands (signed F.P.R. for Frank Prentice Rand) to Robert Francis sending Francis their best wishes before he travels to Italy.

Postcard sent to Charles R. Green at The Jones Library from Robert Francis while Francis was traveling in Rome, Italy. Francis thanks Green for his bon voyage card, wishes him a happy new year, and reports that he has "found Frost in three libraries:…

This group has come together to listen to Robert Francis read poetry on the lawn outside the Jones Library.

Reception for Robert Francis at the Jones Library. Caption on reverse reads, "Amherst Record, weekend, Aug. 20, 1977, p.1 Reception for Robert Francis, Amherst poet, following presentation of a bust of Francis to the Jones Library by sculptor Anna…

Photograph of Robert Francis and family members sitting at a table outside under trellises. Francis' father Ebenezer F. Francis and stepmother Ida May Allen Francis are sitting across from Robert (fourth from left).

Robert Francis on making a living as a poet.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis responds to the question of whether he earns a living entirely from poetry.

Robert Francis on influence of parents.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis discusses the influence of his parents on his own character and how the contrasting temperaments combined to make him a poet.
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